I spend my weekend to refresh my mind,body and spirit. I enjoy my weekend and I have a wonderful moment with my girlfriend. We had a very fruitful conversation and she helped me to regain my spirit and motivation.

So.. as I said that I learned to work for the Lord, especially in my current job. I learned that working for God doesn’t necessary to be at the church or any social work or ministry.

I can work for God in my current job.

I can work to please my Master as a research staff. I can design for God, I can think for God, I can contact supplier for God. It is a previlage for me to work right now. I also can earn enough money for my living.

I am still not sure how this work will lead me to come closer to God, but I believe right now He is leading me. He want to teach me something, and I know He wants me to do something here, to learn something from my current job.

I want to start praying for my job, colleague, supervisor so that I can learn as much as I can, and I may contribute as much as possible.