I have been thinking to post about what I am doing at work for quite sometime, and when my team decided to put a video on youtube, I think now is the time. It is a sign! I am currently working in NTU as a research engineer. And I am working on two projects for 3 years. The first project is about this robot in the stomach which video you are going to watch, and the second project is a medical device that also in the stomach. This post is about the first project. This video was taken during our animal experiment, and sit back and enjoy:

So what do you think?

Let me describe a bit more about the robot.

How does it work?

Have you ever heard of endoscope? if not, endoscope is a flexible scope with a camera on its tip. It is used by the doctor to see your stomach and do some diagnose, biopsy, or small surgery. The robot is attached at the tip of the endoscope, you can think it as a plug in to the endoscope. So now the endoscope have two hands to do more things that the endoscope cannot do before. The robot is a master and slave system, so there is a master and a slave. The plug in of the endoscope is  a slave and there is a master console located outside of the body as you can see in the video. So basically the master console captures the surgeon hand movement  and it will move according to his hand movement.

What is the benefit?

The purpose of this robot is to do surgery without cutting your body to make an opening. So the robot is inserted to the stomach through any natural orifice like mouth or anus (yep only these two so far, the beginning and the end). So what is the benefit? Imagine for a patient with cancer or tumor in the stomach and to remove it without cutting the body. So? Well, it means the patient will recover much faster, and there is no scar. That means they dont need to do additional cosmetic surgery to remove the scar. But the bottom line is much faster recovery.

This is the engineering work that I am proud of the most, and I hope it will contribute to the society, especially to the patient. I dedicate this project to my grandfather who suffered from colon tumor, I am sorry opa I didn’t make it in time.

If you are interested to know more about the project, feel free to contact me, by email or twitter.