Recently I am very interested in the Church teaching regarding the work of man. My first reading was the Laborem Exercens which I shared on my previous post.

I just read two articles about work from the website of Opus Dei which are entitled, Working Conscientiously and “A Supernatural Motive”.

First of all, I would like to introduce about Opus Dei. Although many of us might heard about it from Dan Brown’s book the da vinci code, which is not related to the real Opus Dei at all. Opus Dei is an institution founded by St Josemaria Escriva, which main charisma is about finding God in daily life. ( which I learned from the website).

Back to the article, from the two articles, I learned about Work of Man that is Sanctifying, which echoing what Pope JPII wrote on Laborem exercens. Man is the subject of work, and through work man is called to participate in the divine work of the Creator.

Recently I just had a “good” experience about the result of work and charity in work which is also discussed in both articles. I had my presentation for my master degree that I am currently pursuing. The outcome of the presentation was quite shocking for me since I expect the a good result. I was very disappointed and also humiliated. However, based on the reflection of these two articles I learned something from this experience.

Diligence at Work

“Diligent” comes from the verb ‘diligo,’ which means to love, to appreciate, to choose something after careful consideration and attention. The diligent man does not rush into things. He does his work thoughtfully and lovingly.”(Friends of God, 81)

I realized in my work, I did not put this attitude of being diligent. I did my work simply just to fulfill the requirement, not trying to give my best. I feel that the reality check that I experienced through this presentation really teach me to give more love, effort , careful consideration and attention to the work. Not simply to finish the work as fast as possible.

Little things VS Huge Things

Holiness does not consist in doing more difficult things every day, said St. Josemaría, but in doing them every day with greater love. The secret of working better each day lies in little things—small aspects a child of God pays attention to in order to finish a job as perfectly as possible.

I am a person who like to see a big picture, I am also a more result oriented person. Therefore naturally I am looking for big results. Although this is not bad, but I become like neglecting little things. Anything worth doing is looked at its value, and because of this attitude I am not really doing the work with love. I was looking at little things as worthless things to do, therefore I dont really bother of doing it.

I hope these two lessons that I learned will be able to help me to work better and to live my vocation. I also hope this simple sharing will be inspiring for any of you, or at least maybe the articles that I shared will give some insight to you.

I pray that there will be more and more people who are working could use their work as a mean for Holiness and answering the call of the Creator.

Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum