In 2011, I witnessed the robot that me and the team built performed polyp removal from patients in India. It was such a milestone and big achievement in my life. At that time I knew that I wanted to make something that could reach more people, I got to move from prototyping and conceptualization to product development and introduction. Since then I have been working in HP Singapore, Business Printing Division as Writing System Engineer.

Finally, the first product that I worked on is launched!!! Officejet Pro 6800 Series. It is different from the surgical robotics application that I worked before, but my objective is to get my hand dirty in developing a product that will reach more people. It was an interesting product development process, and I am very lucky to work with some of the brilliant people.

What did I contribute in this product? its called the printer calibration. If you have ever own any inkjet printer before, it is the first page printed after you setting up your printer.

Yes it is just a single function, a single page. But within this single page, it contains lots of interesting stuff. I am very happy to work on this feature because I feel connected with every user. Because I know what I am working at is delivering value to the customer.

This is another mission accomplished for me. I hope those who buy and use this printer will like it, and find it as a good investment that will help their business.

I would like to dedicate this piece of work to Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who are great leader, visionary and engineer.

“HP exists to invent the useful and significant.”~ Bill Hewlett and David Packard