On this post I would like to reflect my reading on StrengthsFinder 2.0 , Now, Discover Your Strengths, in the light of my previous post of Laborem Exercens.


Recalling about the meaning of Work,

The meaning of work is described an activity that only man is capable of doing because of man’s very nature, created in the likeness of the Creator.

The fruit of my reading on the encyclical is that I am able to appreciate my Work now in a better way, which is the activity of partaking the divine work of the Creator. I am called by Him in a Vocation of Work.

I became more motivated in my daily work because this Fruit gives meaning to my work. It is not about what kind of job or work that I am doing, but how do I respond to His plan in my Work. The Subject of Work is Man. So work is a means for me to be the intended Human Being.

So I asked my self how do I get better in my work?

How do I improve my productivity?

Why I asked these questions? Simply because a better work, or a better fruit of work requires a better person who is doing the work. By improving the quality of my work and also the result of my work I am playing my role as a subject of Work.

Participation of the divine Work of the Creator of the Universe is reflected by the subduing of the earth through man’s work. The earth is also a result of the work of the Creator. I can’t help my self to think that the Creator is like a father who is preparing a playground for His children. By playing in this playground, they will be nurtured and become more human, in the likeness of the Father.

Strength based Work

Then I was reminded of a little book given to me on my 23th birthday, entitled StrengthsFinder 2.0. In summary what is this book trying to say is that we should invest our time in the development of our strength.

Strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance

There are many self help books saying that we can be anything we want. The truth is that

We cannot be anything we want to be- but we can be a lot more of who we already are.

Reading at this quote from the book on page 9, it resounds one of the image of God that we are created in its likeness. Unique.

The fact that there is nobody can be identically the same, even identical twin is different, trying to tell us how creative is the Creator. I will not be able to find another me in this world. I have my own role to play, with the unique combination of Talents molded and shaped by the hands of the Creator when I was in my mother’s womb. That is why I cant be somebody else, I need to be me, the unique person who God created to be.

Talents are a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving. It comes into existence naturally and it cannot be acquired, and we have unique talents within us.

The main formula for strengths in this book is

Strength = Talents x Investment

Investment is the time spend practicing, developing my Skills and building my Knowledge base.

Skills are the basic abilities to perform the fundamental steps of task, such as computer skill, fast reading skill, computational skill, music skill, etc. Skill can be acquired through formal or informal training and practice.

Knowledge is simply what we know, such as our awareness of historical dates, rules of a game, etc. It must be acquired through formal or informal education.

Lastly, this book provide a Strength test which will provide me with a comprehensive report of my 5 top dominant talents, an action planning guideline, 50 ideas for action, and interview with people of similar talents.

My top 5 talents are : Significance, Activator, Input, Command, and Belief.

I am Not trying to promote about this book ( I dont need to promote anyway since it is one of the best selling business book). What I am trying to share is about our Unique Talents, and how is this book help me to relate in a deeper meaning of Work in my real life. My current strategy now is to focus my current job into the framework of this talents theme. Finding related knowledge base and skills in order to practice and then improving the quality of my work.

Doing a better quality of Work will help me to discover of my deeper identity as children of God and to know more about His plan. Lastly, by doing this, it will help me to respond His calling and by my work I want to praise Him who has created me.

Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum