I have been waiting for this time. A time when I achieved one of my dream, to use my engineering knowledge to create something that can be useful for people.

After I graduated in 2007 I chose to join a research group. In this group I have been developing a robotic system that is dedicated to help a gastroenterologist to perform complex and difficult surgery. Basically a gastroenterologist is limited to perform a therapeutic procedure as compared to a surgeon. A surgeon has two hands to do surgery, where a gastroenterologist use an endoscope. Or you also can read my previous post (Robot in the stomach). We can imagine a doctor who uses an endoscope to perform a surgery is similar when I ask you to eat using a chopstick by using your leg. It is possible just extremely difficult.

After many development of prototypes and refinement. Last week we went to Hyderabad, India to test the robotic system on human. In the past it has been tested on porcine model both death and alive. I was very excited to see the robot being used on real patient. It is one of my dream, to see this robot enter human stomach and remove a tumor or cancer.

I can freely write about this project now because there are many newspaper write about it as well. It is quite interesting to see our robot in the news paper. These are the list of online news coverage of the latest human trials  that we conducted:

I can say that having my first “baby” to be used on real patient has accomplished one of my dreams. If you are interested to find out more about the robot you can let me know. I will be very happy to write more about it. For technical stuff there are many technical papers published, I will make the list on the next post.