I visited the greatest place on earth, Kkottongnae, South Korea. I went there with another 4 of my friends from singapore.
From the left : Stefani, Damian, Bosco , and Dion.
We spent 10 days full of great experience, lovely people, beautiful place, and delicious food!
Our first day visit to Seoul Cathedral ( I forgot the name), and this is the first church to be built in Korea, well it is still under renovation for the front view. Something unique about Korean Christian, they know Christ for the first time was not by the foreign missionaries like many other countries in Asia.
2nd day visit, a tour to the Kkottongnae facilities, they have many buildings on their complex.There are house for children (read: orphan,children with disabilities),house for the poor ( those who stay on the street), house for the elderly ( those who were cast away by their own children/family). The picture above is only one of the building, which is the training center, and also convention hall to hold a big conference or meeting.
At the back part of the training center, there is this beautiful cemetery, this place is dedicated for the baby who were aborted by their parent. A statue of the Holy Family ( Joseph,Mary and baby Jesus) is there.
Two of the hundred children who stay at kkottongnae, they are so lovely! very active and smart. 
We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to do voluntary job at the house of the elderly. I help this grandmother to have her lunch, because she can’t move her body well and she need help to do her daily activity. Strangely, the elderly who stay there looks happy ( for real! ) I can look at their eyes, and they feel peace and loved! Look at this!
We also bring them outside to have a walk ( we push their wheel chair because they can’t walk anymore). They holds hand by themselves ( no body ask them to do it! ) they support one another, love one another! I really can feel the love among the people! The worker with the elderly, the worker with the volunteer, and the volunteer with the elderly.
Guess what? in Korea there are 103 canonized saints! and many more martyrs! This is also another reason why the Christian there is very strong. The origin for their faith was from their own people who went to China and become a priest there. Behind the altar there are stones on which is engraved the name of the saint.
It is me with the picture of the 103 saints~ 
At Kkottongnae, we attended a leadership training by ICCRS ( please visit the site for more details about ICCRS) The training was held for 1 week, from 5 – 13 July 2008. In the picture is Jim Murphy one of the trainer. *And Sister John whom we met at the airport for the 1st time with Br Paul.
In the 1st row, there are Jim Murphy  and Oreste ( the 2nd and 3rd person from the left of the 1st row). Oreste is also one of the trainer, he is currently the Director of ICCRS. The rest of the people are the Koreans from one diocesan of the 13 diocesan in Korea
Lastly the Sisters and Br Bartholomew who lead the Praise and Worship on the last day. They really have beautiful voices! I love to see the sisters in KKottongnae, they are so lovely, so kind and in love with Jesus!
This is really a life changing experience. To see and experience the Love and Faith of people to God. I believe this is not only my statement to say that this is the most profound life experience, but also by the entire participants of the training.