We had this desire to go to europe for quite sometime. After long thinking and researching (read: procrastination), one fine day we stumble upon this very cheap flight with 1 stop over at dubai. The price is only about S$700, which to us is really a good deal. Alas, this is the price before tax!! I am very disappointed and then I just stumble upon another flight operator, which offering $1070 for two ways Singapore-Paris, Amsterdam-Singapore. We thought this is a good deal especially that the flight is going to 2 different cities. I don’t like the idea of two ways flight to the same city while we are going to explore many cities. To me it will be a waste of time to the travel back to the same city that we arrive on day 1 just to go back.
Lo and behold, I bought the tickets without having any plan where are we going to go, we just find a window of around 16-17 days that we can take leave from our job and go for holiday! We thought we need to commit on this and stop the thinking process. (not long after this I also stumble on this post: http://infinitesatori.org/2013/06/25/do-yourself-a-favor-and-buy-that-damn-plane-ticket-already/ , reflect back I am quite proud of making that leap of faith kind of action)

We thought we had plenty of time to prepare from the date we bought the tickets on Feb to the travel date on May. Gosh we fall to the same thinking process that we did the planning until 4 hours before the flight. That’s because we need to go to airport already. Perhaps I will post in several post to share our adventure from city to city.

Our itinerary looks like this:

1. Paris

2. Lisieux

3. Marseile

4. Avignon

5. Apt-Sault-Coustelet

6. Barcelona

7. Rome – Vatican city

8. Amsterdam

There is a term in Singapore for going to travel that you arrange yourself without engaging any travel agent, they call it Free and Easy. But I assure you that the planning and the travel is neither Free nor Easy. ITs AWESOME!

So first city, The city of Light, Paris.

The flight duration is about 13 hours direct from Singapore to Paris. Even though I prefer Airbus 380, but this Boeing 777 was not that bad either. I prefer airbus 380 because I feel more spacious inside.


There is a french lady who sit next to us that we occasionally talking with. I think this is what people called retirement. She bought a villa in Bali, and twice a year she is traveling from Nice where she come from and to Bali. She will stay around 1 month on each trip.

After finishing all interesting movie and also catch some sleep, at last we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Paris CDG

Our first mission is to get our luggage, then to go to the hotel at the city area. We decided to take metro, because from the traveling website that we read, this is the most economical and also still quite comfortable. After talking a long walk from terminal 3 to terminal 2, we reached this platform with many yellow ticket machine. I don’t understand the logic why the machine only accept coin and credit card, I thought note reader nowadays is quite common.

The timing was pretty good that we landed early around 6.30 am, so that we could reach the hotel which is located behind Tuileries Garden by around 8 am and ready to go to our first destination, marche aux puces.

This place is a flea market that sell antiques and many second hand stuff. We bought some old post card, old donald duck magazine dated from 1980s, and some other stuff. On the way back from the flea market we were looking for a post office nearby, but I was quite hungry and I saw this word that was my favorite french word: boulangerie. There was this neighborhood bakery near the flea market where we ate our first french sandwich. People say the first love is always remembered, and to us this sandwich that we ate was the best that we ever ate in Paris. I don’t even know what exactly that we ate because all is in french, but it is baguette filled with some meat, and cheese. We fell in love with that sandwich.After this great sandwich experience we continue to look for the post office and manage to send our first postcard from Paris.

Then we made some walk around the city before going to the next stop, Versailles.


After the sandwich, the next thing I love about paris is the building. They just look simply beautiful.