After our morning stroll at Marche aux Puces, we went to Versailles. This is a castle located outside of Paris, and we took RER-C from Musée d’Orsay to Versailles Rive-Gauche. The palace is about 5-7 minutes walking distance from the train station. More informations about this estate can be found here: I used this website to bought the ticket and plan our visit.

There were many tourist walking to the palace and at the front yard before the entrance, as many other tourist attractions, there were also many people selling souvenir. This is the first time for me visiting a palace, and according to many story books and comics, a palace normally has a big area and it will give a grand or luxurious impression. This palace is huge, and I bet that the original yellow thing on the fence an the building is made of gold. Well since there is a financial crisis I doubt that those gold are still there.

This copper statue (Im just guessing from the green color), is the statue of Louis XIV. One of the French emperor that I learned during my high school history lesson. 

This is just one of the entrance to the palace, and behind this building there is a large garden, no its a huge garden. We need to pass the ticketing locket and security check before going to this area. We bought the ticket online in order to avoid any long line of queue. They provided some leaflet guide and also auido guide. Since this is still the first day, those guide were quite utilized. The size of this palace made me wonder how many people that they employ just to clean this place. I hope those kings and the family that stayed here didn’t have very high standard of cleanliness, with no vacuum cleaner, how long does it take to clean this huge place.


The interior of the palace is converted into several sections that tries to replicate the original interior arrangement. They look quite nice and if you are a history fan, I guess this place will impress you well. Look at those chair, table, stair, bed, cabinet, wall, etc.

IMG_5364 IMG_5366


This is the hall of mirror or the grand gallery  (La Grande Galerie). This place was used by the king to host his guest. Nowadays they will hold a ballroom dance show during certain timing. During our visit unfortunately the dance show was not there.


The Hall of Mirrors


The Battles Galery

This beautiful chapel is located inside the palace, we cant get close to the altar, so I could only the the picture from the door, perhaps they are trying to preserve those old stuff, or perhaps that yellow thing is real gold. Looking at this beautiful chapel, it inspire us to consider of having a praying corner inside our small apartment in singapore.



This is the huge garden that I mentioned above. We cant even see the end of the garden from this photo. Its really huge, and they still manage to get those trees in rectangular shape. I bet they have bought a tree cutting machine to get those cute rectangular shape. We spent quite sometime to sit down and just admire this huge garden. Then we walked to the back of the garden to visit the Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Estate. There are bicycle and golf car rental service, but we didn’t know until we reach about half of the garden. After we reached our last destination, the estate, we had no more energy just to walk back, so we took the tram. There is a small lake where you can rent a boat, but we skip this because we had another plan for boating at bois de boulogne, will post it on another one.


The Garden

See the trees? Very well cut! Ow ya we travel with two of our friends, Cing2 and Ribi.


Ribi Irene Cing2 at the garden


The Grand Trianon

Ooops we didn’t have the photo of the lake, the tram and Marie Antoinette’s estate. We were just too tired walking. Nevertheless, this first palace experience was a good one. Its is a good experience to admire the massive building and estate that people in the past built, even I am not an architect I could still enjoy those building, interior design. And lastly it bring back the memory when I learned they history lesson during secondary and high school.

If you are going to paris and you have half a day to spend, you can consider this place. We had 2 options during our planning, Versailles or Disneyland.