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A Mission Accomplished
Me at Operating Theatre

I have been waiting for this time. A time when I achieved one of my dream, to use my engineering knowledge to create something that can be useful for people. After I graduated in 2007 I chose to join a research group. In this group I have been developing a robotic system that is dedicated to help a gastroenterologist to […]

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A way of Improving the Quality of Work

On this post I would like to reflect my reading on StrengthsFinder 2.0 , Now, Discover Your Strengths, in the light of my previous post of Laborem Exercens. Work Recalling about the meaning of Work, The meaning of work is described an activity that only man is capable of doing because of man’s very nature, created in the likeness of […]

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Opus Dei and Work of Man

Recently I am very interested in the Church teaching regarding the work of man. My first reading was the Laborem Exercens which I shared on my previous post. I just read two articles about work from the website of Opus Dei which are entitled, Working Conscientiously and “A Supernatural Motive”. First of all, I would like to introduce about Opus […]

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