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Opus Dei and Work of Man

Recently I am very interested in the Church teaching regarding the work of man. My first reading was the Laborem Exercens which I shared on my previous post. I just read two articles about work from the website of Opus Dei which are entitled, Working Conscientiously and “A Supernatural Motive”. First of all, I would like to introduce about Opus […]

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Laborem Excercens, A Reflection on Work of Man

An encyclical by JPII in 1981. I discovered this documents during a logos session where basil shared about a website that organize the Vatican website. During my first visit, I just run through the list of the encyclical of pope Ben XVI. However, since my favorite pope is JPII I went to his list. There is one title that gain my interest, about work, entitled laborem exercens. I am interested simply because I am currently thinking about work, how to choose a suitable job in the future and etc.

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