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Does Catholic Church Creates Christian Disunity?

Last week I read my friend’s blog, and according to him, there is a basic disunity in Christianity, for example only Catholics who are allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. It makes me ponder about this question, does catholic church creates disunity in Christianity?

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A Blessing in Disguise

I have been sick for 2 days due to gastritis. I couldn’t even sit for too long as I constantly feel headache if I do not laying down. Fortunately this afternoon I feel much better. At least I can stand without feeling the pain in my head. Strangely I got an idea to attend daily mass at st mary of […]

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A beautiful experience at Mass

Yesterday, I attended mass at st mary of the angels church at bukit batok. While singing the entrance hymn, I was quite surprised to see one of my favorite priest coming from the church main door. It has been quite some time for me to attend mass celebrated by him. He was one of NTU CSA chaplain when I was […]

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