Finding God in Twitter

For me Twitter was another social networking service. Even though it is quite useful to get connected to many people especially great people who are working on cool stuff or spreading inspiring idea such as, Mark Hart, The Emmaus , TEDMatthew Warner, Michael Hyatt, Joel J Miller, and many others. In twitter I also can find many saints and saints to be such as St Philip Neri, Blessed John Henry Newman Fulton sheen. For me twitter was just like another social networking service. I didn’t expect to find God in twitter, or rather God spoke to me through twitter. God has a creative plan and this is the story:

A tweet For Jesus through Mother Mary

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Working Toward Holiness

I downloaded this article from the Catholic Organization For Life and Family (COLF) website. I started to be interested regarding this topic about Work since I read and reflect on the encyclical by Pope John Paul II entitled Laborem Exercens.

Read this article and tell me what it has spoken to you regarding your work.

The Root Cause of Disunity

After I post about Christian Disunity, another question pop up to me. What is the root cause of disunity? I would like to refer to the book of Genesis for insights. This book teaches us about the origin of the world, it tells us about who is the Creator, and what are the creations. That is why I find it useful to look at this book to find out it has to say about the root cause of disunity.


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Does Catholic Church Creates Christian Disunity?

Last week I read my friend’s blog, and according to him, there is a basic disunity in Christianity, for example only Catholics who are allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. It makes me ponder about this question, does catholic church creates disunity in Christianity?

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Finding Your Praying Corner

Eucharistic Adoration at church of St Mary of the Angel

What is your favorite place to pray? Why do we need to have a certain place to pray? If God is everywhere, can we pray anywhere? Yes We Can! We can pray anywhere at anytime, as St Paul said

Pray constantly (1Thes 5:17)

However we still need to find a special place to pray, why?

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The 7 Sorrows of Our Lady

This post is dedicated to our Lady on the feast of Our lady of Sorrows (15 September).

Our Lady of Sorrows

In my current work, I need to do some experiments in order to test the system that I developed. This week I did the first experiment on last Thursday ( 9 September 2010), and it failed. I was quite stress.

I rescheduled the second experiment on Wednesday (15 September 2010). In order to make sure that the system will work, I spent the day before to do some preparations. Unfortunately at that night the system was not very stable, and I need to work until 11.00 pm. Because of this work, I couldn’t attend the bible study session at that day. It made me very sad.

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Wrestling with God

For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. – Mat 16:25

One of the most interesting story in the book of Genesis for me is the story of Jacob wrestling at Peniel (Gen 32: 24-32). It is said that Jacob have striven with God and have prevailed (verse 28), that God changed his name to Israel, which means God strives. I am attending Logos Bible Study group, and currently we are studying the book of Genesis from Catholic Scripture Study.

During this wrestling part, the lecturer mentioned something very beautiful. Wrestling is a sport where we use so much power and strength in order to win against the opponent. When God wrestled with Jacob, He used equal force such that Jacob prevailed. If God used more power, He could destroy Jacob. God always gives us Grace equals to our capacity to receive. God always allows problem to happen in our live equals to our ability to solve it.

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About Me

Hi welcome to my personal Blog.

at my working desk

I am currently working in the research and development in medical device and robotics at Nanyang Technological University. I studied Mechatronics Engineering for my undergraduate studies, and Mechanical Design for medical device development for my Master studies (I am doing this in part time basis). (For more information of my research work please refer to this page)

Since 2004 I joined Catholic Student Apostolate (CSA) at NTU. That is my starting point for my faith journey. Faith has been something interesting for me, that is why one of the category for my blog is Faith. I like to share about faith because I think there are many people in my age is still discovering their faith and identity. Other than writing I also like to give a talk to share my faith experience with others.

I am currently involve in various ministries:

1. Logos Bible Study Group

This is a good bible study group that has given great impact to me. I have minimal knowledge about bible, and joining this group has really improved my knowledge especially about old testament. This knowledge help me to reflect the Word, and more importantly listen to His word. Many people find it difficult to understand the bible, with this group I learned to understand a little bit more about the Word of God written in the language of man.

2. Emmaus Prayer Group

This is cool prayer group that I really recommend (but not limited to) to everyone staying near church of st Mary of the angel. This prayer group really take Jesus teaching seriously. This prayer group is doing their best to become the disciple of Jesus (this is the cool part). However they are just normal people (student, working young adult, young parent) who also have normal life, but striving to be extraordinary disciple.


Easter Sunday : A New Beginning

Happy Easter!
Time flies very fast, lent is just like yesterday and now is Easter Sunday.

We have completed our lent observant. Thank God for this fruitful lent season.
Its not because I kept a perfect score on my fasting or abstinence,but because He taught me few lesson during lent.

Repentance. I have heard about this word so many times, but more often i forget how important it is. More often I forget how much I have transgressed against Him. More often I forget about Him as my God, and my master, only!
This lent he taught me to remember more often.

Conversion. It is a result of repentance. It is a commitment to renounce sin and turn back to Him. It is about answering a vocation. It is about becoming a Christ like person. It is about being a saint.

Prayer. I noticed that I have a desire or rather an intention of doing God’s work but most of the time i was just working for God. The difference is as far as heaven from earth. Doing God’s work is working on what He wants me to do, His will be done. Working for God is doing what I want to do for God. So its either all about God or all about me. So far I only know one way to get a clue about His will, loving relationship in prayer.

Discernment. Life is like a journey. I am from somewhere going to somewhere. These somewhere most of the time are unknown to me. I need a map to know the way, I need to ask who is The Way. He will teach me about The Truth that will set me free.

Easter is a new beginning for me. A new hope for a new life. It is also an invitation to die with Jesus of my sinful life. Life is not easy, even Jesus had a difficult death, which become a reminder to me, before my death of my sinful life, I might need to carry my cross to the Calvary. This death creates a new life.

Happy Easter my friend.

Ash wednesday: A beginning

Today we begin our lenten journey. I attended mass at NTU, and I was quite surprised to see the lecture room was so packed ( I really pray that I can see this scene more often). I have decided to experience a better Lent this year. To be honest I did not experience Lent properly previously.

I tried to do better this year by searching few articles regarding lent. I have few questions such as What is lent. What is the origin and the history of Lent. What is the Church teaching about Lent.

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