St Anthony of Padua, You Rocks!

I only knew 5 things about him:

1. His name is Anthony

2. He is Not from padua (thanks to Valent, who told me that he is from Lisbon, Portugal, but died in Padua, Italy)

3. He is canonized as Saint

4. He is a franciscan friar

5. He is a patron saint of lost item, I think this is one of the reason why he is famous.

I have never prayed to ask for his intercession before, until my mother lost something important that had made her super panic and depressed. I tried to help her, I did what I can. Then I remember when Irene pray to ask his help to find many small things that she lost. So I asked her to pray for my mother so she could find the thing.

Then I search in google, “st anthony of padua prayer” then I prayed in fron of my office desktop, to ask his help for the first time, to help my mother.

Now I have six things that I know about Him. He really intercede my prayer and help my mother to find the thing. HE ROCKS! Now he is my Hero.

Thank you St Anthony, please keep interceding and praying for me from heaven.

Family Does Matter

Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a prosperous year ahead! This year I do like most other people do during chinese new year, Dinner.

I went back to my home town, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Yes I was born there. My family moved to Jakarta when I was in primary school. As I could remember, the last time I went back was in 2006. As my friends know me, I dont regularly going back for chinese new year, the air ticket price is getting expansive.

However this year I decided to go back, and I didn’t regret any single dollar, and second that I spent at Palembang. Let me tell you why.

Happiness is in the air
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2011 New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!! (Its not the chinese new year). I know its quite late now, but its better late then never. I took there is never too late for anything. New year is always been a good day for me. Near the end of the year I like to reflect back over the year what I have been doing, what are the things I have achieved as I look backed to my goal list of the year.

When new year come in I like to make a new year resolution and a new goal list. Maybe you have finished yours, but mine is still on progress. I would like to apply the marathon principle, start slow, increase slowly, and keep steady.

For those who are still working on their new year resolution, I would like to share this great video, a talk by a legend in the field of psychotherapy, dr Viktor Frankl (wiki link).
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On Temptation, The Imitation of Christ

After I got my kindle, I downloaded great ebooks from especially on the writing of saints. There is one book recommended by my roommate, the Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. It is a book that I was recommended by many other friends before. I almost bought it when I browse through it at the St Peter and Paul church book store. I think it is really God’s plan that is tailored so well that I didn’t really interested of this great book last time. Because, it makes more sense to me when I read it now. Last time I was not depressed like now, I didn’t ask the question on suffering, life, meaning of life, purpose of life, etc.
I would like to share one of the chapter from this book. It gives me a clue on my question about suffering, pain, and temptation.

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5 Life Lessons From Stanchart Run 2010

Its my first running event, the standard chartered half marathon 2010. Actually I am not really passionate of running. I love team sport, like soccer. But after several encouragement from my friends, I decided to give it a try. Half marathon is challenging enough for me. Now I must admit it was a quite fun event. Despite the joy that I experienced after the finish line, many goody bags, complimentary Osim massage, and sharing with friends, I learned some lesson from this run.

There are 5 lessons about life that I learned from this event that I want to share it here: Found it interesting? Click Here to Read More!

Robot In The Stomach

I have been thinking to post about what I am doing at work for quite sometime, and when my team decided to put a video on youtube, I think now is the time. It is a sign! I am currently working in NTU as a research engineer. And I am working on two projects for 3 years. The first project is about this robot in the stomach which video you are going to watch, and the second project is a medical device that also in the stomach. This post is about the first project. This video was taken during our animal experiment, and sit back and enjoy: Found it interesting? Click Here to Read More!

The Best Gift I Ever Survived

I just posted One of the Best Gift I’ve Ever Received and it has really helped me to see my life differently. Today I just stumble upon this great talk by Stacey Kramer. This is my first post about TED talk. Found it interesting? Click Here to Read More!

When Things Don’t Go The Way You Want Them To

It is the title of the session of the Emmaus prayer meeting last week. This is the first session of the teaching series entitled The Road to Emmaus – Our Journey of Faith. Alas, the prayer meeting really delivered the message. Things didn’t go the way we wanted it to be. It didn’t go well for the service team, for the speaker, for the attendees. These were what happened.

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One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Had

I have received many birthday gifts. When I was still very young, my family gave me toys. When I grow a little bit older, my friends gave me many other things like photo frame, shoes, bag, underwear, books, etc2. During my last birthday, I had a day of reflection. I reflected on these gifts that I have ever received. There are several gifts that are very precious to me, and I want to share one them.

one of the best gifts I have ever had

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Your Grace Is Enough

Last Saturday I attended a very powerful praise and worship at Emmaus prayer meeting. I would like to share one of the song that we sang, Your Grace is Enough which was composed by Matt Maher. I have known the song for quite some time, but only until last Saturday when I read the lyrics, it reminds me the story of Jacob wrestling with God. I think there are many songs that I just sing for granted without really reading and understanding the beautiful message and story in the song. This song is one of them. I want to share with you the beautiful lyrics that tell us about two stories; a story about Jacob and his descendant David, and also about one God who always gives us His Love and Grace. Found it interesting? Click Here to Read More!