Yesterday I attended a mass which homily talk about the image of God. I was quite surprised by the homily when the priest told us that we tend to have the image of God which we like. We tend to wrap it by the image that we want to receive, or which we are comfortable or happy with.

I am also still do that thing, I have the image of God who is like a loving father ( I think many of people have this image ) and also merciful God who always forgive me, lastly as a great teacher who will always teach me how to grow more and more.

Those images are not wrong, its not a matter of right or wrong, but with this tendency ( which is also normal ) I might not be able to get the real image that God want me to have. I think may be not everyone will have the same image.

The new image that I receive is the image of God who challenge me to do or answer His calling. I just also learn about listening to God’s voice. I think God’s voice could be in many form : our self talk, our intuition, or even just an idea that pop up during our free time. This new image add in the richness of my relationship with Him.

The point that I want to add is do I receive the image of God that He want to show to me? or the Image that I am comfortable with? for some people the answer is yes, for some people might be no. The most important thing is what are we going to do as the response of our answer?