I just posted One of the Best Gift I’ve Ever Received and it has really helped me to see my life differently. Today I just stumble upon this great talk by Stacey Kramer. This is my first post about TED talk.

Let me ask you this, How do you see your life right now? I believe there will be many kinds of answer from terrible, sucks, to great and awesome. How if I tell you this, the way you perceive any events in your life will determine the way you see it? My life is seems to be terrible if I have a terrible point of view, and my life is seems to be great if I have a great point of view. I am not talking about being self delusion. Enough talking, watch this great 3 minutes video.

Having a brain tumor in reality will never become great or awesome, but Stacey tried to perceive it as a gift. It changed a lot of thing. We experience many unexpected events in our life. Sometimes it is inevitable. We always have choice, to see the events as a curse, a punishment, or as a blessing, a gift.
“The next time you face something that’s unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.”
What do you think of the talk?