It has been 6 months since the last time I publish something on this blog. I would like to start blogging after being off for sometimes.
There are many updates and improvement from blogger,Thanks man. They make blogging more fun and comfortable.

I would like to blog about the meaning of life. I read books from Viktor Frankl, with his most popular book titled Man Search for Meaning. This book explain a lot to me about the thing that I have been looking for.

The purpose of life, why am I here.

The meaning of life, what is this life all about.

I also feel that I am not alone, that there are many other people especially around my age who are also searching for meaning and purpose.

I will try my best to get connected with many people as possible through this media, so that we may share and help one another.

For those who have passed this stage of life, Please! Please! help me and many other people by sharing your experience.

Just drop by a comment, or message me if you wish to share something.

Thank you for your generousity