I have received many birthday gifts. When I was still very young, my family gave me toys. When I grow a little bit older, my friends gave me many other things like photo frame, shoes, bag, underwear, books, etc2. During my last birthday, I had a day of reflection. I reflected on these gifts that I have ever received. There are several gifts that are very precious to me, and I want to share one them.

one of the best gifts I have ever had

Yes my family, my parents and my brother. I am very grateful for having and loving them in my life. I can’t imagine how much they have done for me. I know that I can’t repay them, because what they have given to me is priceless. However, I was easily forgotten about it and took their love for granted.

The first time I realized about this was when I attended a choice weekend some years back. I realized how blessed I am because of them, and how much they love me. During the retreat there was a event for me to write a letter to my family. I wrote on the letters, both to my parents and my brother, that I love them so much and thank them for everything.

It was the first time to express my love to them in words. In my family we are not get used to express our love in words, usually in deeds. But I think on some occasions I want to express them in words. The letter is still attached on the back of my mother wardrobe. If you have never expressed your love to your parents, you can try to write them a letter.

The photo above was taken on the occasion of my parents 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary. We had a simple dinner with both of my parents siblings. After knowing how much they appreciated the letter, I asked my brother to say something during this occasion. To say how much we love them and how much we are grateful to them. We are very grateful because we are able to tell our parents that we love them. If you have never said it, I think you need to plan one, or just call them or meet them now and tell them that you love them. Don’t waste your chance while you still have it.

During a wedding one of my best friends, I listened to a very beautiful song, the title is a prayer of a son. It is an Indonesian song, and this is the lyric (I also tried to translate it). This song becomes my prayer to my father and mother, pa ma this is for you.

Doa Seorang Anak

Di dalam doamu, kau sebut namaku
Di dalam harapmu,
kau sebut namaku (kau ingat diriku)
Di dalam segala hal, namaku di hatimu.

Tak dapat kubalas cintamu ayahku
Tak ‘kan kulupakan nasehatmu ibu.
Hormati orang tuamu
Agar lanjut umurmu di bumi.

T’rima kasih ayah dan ibu
Kasih sayangmu padaku
Pengorbananmu meneteskan peluh
‘tuk kebahagiaanku.

Tuhan lindungi ayah ibuku
Dalam doa kuberseru
Tetes air matamu yang kau tabur dituai bahagia.
Tetes air matamu yang kau tabur dituai bahagia.

Prayer of A Son

In your prayers, you mentioned my name
In your contemplation, you mentioned my name (you remembered me)
In all things, my name is in your heart.

I can’t repay your love Papa
I won’t forget your advice Mama
Respect your parents
To further your days on earth.

Thank you Papa and Mama
For your affection to me
For your sacrifices
Only for my happiness.

God, please protect my father and mother
In my prayer said
The drop of your tears that you sow is reaped in joy
The drop of your tears that you sow is reaped in joy

The song can be played here:

[audio:http://andyprima.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Doa-seorang-anak.mp3|titles=Doa seorang anak]

Thank you Papa and Mama.

I will be forever grateful. I love you, always.