This is my third experience of attending LISC, and guess what, it is more wonderful and fruitful than before. More for the participant, and also more for me. I was the publicity comm with my bro vidy together preparing for about 3 months on outreaching the participant. It was quite sad because the response was quite bad in number, but we believe God will call many people. So we just do our best and at the end there are about 80+ people attending LISC ( service team + participant). For me personally it was a great experience of doing outreach, although I was not so good at outreaching and praise God He still want to use me. I am really glad that He gave me bro vidy as my partner because he is so reliable.

Then came to the first day of LISC for me as a Facilitator of group 12. When I looked to the name list of my group, I said to myself I want to love all of them and being with them will be a great experience for me. I believe that will happen although the LISC had not started yet. I also have a great partner who has grown wonderfully in the Lord. She has been inspiring me since she start to serve in CPG. I thank God and also chief Facil for giving me a very wonderful and lovely group.

Starting from the first day when we had a very wonderful sharing among my group member. I can feel the openess and sincerity in our sharing. The session were also wonderful, and especially Fr Jivan session regarding salvation. It really inspired me, to reflect on my life about salvation. I really love the way he thinks and reflects on the word of God into his life.

Then on the second to the fourth day, we had our LISC on IHM retreat house. I was quite amazed that we dont have enough bed for the comm, and I need to sleep at “extra” room. I was surprised on the number of people that turn up to stay there. There were great session, and also great testimonies, but my favorite was the testimony from our brother Randy. He shared that he felt nothing on his first LISC last year,but he experience the growth on his life throughout his life in this 1 year, and he told us it was because that God has touched him differently.

I said to my self, WOW!!!!This is the best. I really love to listen on this testimony, because for me personally I prefer that from LISC people can start to commit their life to God, even that they dont receive or experience something extraordinary. But it was their life with Jesus that make the extraordinary life.

For me myself, this year LISC is a very wonderful experience, because God teach me to be more faithful to Him. He comfort me by touching me again, and he want to use me to do greater things for His glory. I am so challenged now by the Lord and I want to grow and commit myself more to Him.

Praise The LORD!!!!Alleluia!!!