Hi all… I have not been posting for few months and today I am so inspired to write about my experience at the Christ@Work Conference today. It was held at Catholic JC from the morning to the evening around 7.00 pm.

What I want to share is the great experience regarding the spirituality of work.

Before I attended the conference, especially this last 1 month, I felt that I was lacking something in my job. I felt that there is something missing. Although I just have been working for about 4 months, but my first 3 months was a great experience for me to work. I am so excited to go to my lab and think of exciting idea on how to build the surgical robot.

I thought the thing that I missed was my passion, maybe I am at the wrong job? ( Maybe some of you have asked this to yourselves)
Or maybe I am not suitable or not good enough? Or even maybe because I am not earning enough?

I asked myself many questions alike this past one week. I couldn’t find the answer, until today I attended the conference. Today I was taught by God through the wonderful preachers in the conference that I should regard my work as a service to the Lord. What I am doing right now is part of His plan, He wants me to discover Him through my work right now. He want me to become witness and beacon of light in my lab ( it’s sound awkward though).

But!!!! I get the answer, what is the thing that I am missing this past one month. It is not about passion, or skill, or talent, or salary…. but it is about my employer… Whom am I working for?

I want to say now with conviction and faith that I am working for God!!!

Another blessing that I get today is this:

Its me with one of my favorite preacher. Bo Sanchez.
He comes from Phililpine to bring a session about spirituality at workplace. He is very busy because of the kerygma conference last weekend.

I love his preaching so much because it is so practical and factual. He is really blessed as a preacher and he has touched many people with the love of God including me.

I hope when we meet again next time we could talk more and we could share our experience. To be honest I really want him to become my mentor, but its quite difficult because of place and time constraint.

I want to spend my weekend by meditating and reflecting on the messages that I receive today, and I will start my day on monday to work for God. I am building the robot for God. I want to develop all the talents He gives me.

Praise The Lord!!!