The fear of the Lord is the beginnig of Wisdom
( Proverb 9:10)

I want to start to post some reflections and articles about Cathechism of the Catholic Church. its the publication of the Church from Vatican. This is the reference text of the Catholic (Universal) Church teaching. Therefore anything about the Church teaching, tradition, are summarized into a book called the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. The source is from

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the result of very extensive collaboration; it was prepared over six years of intense work done in a spirit of complete openness and fervent zeal.

A catechism should faithfully and systematically present the teaching of Sacred Scripture, the living Tradition in the Church and the authentic Magisterium, as well as the spiritual heritage of the Fathers, Doctors and saints of the Church, to allow for a better knowledge of the Christian mystery and for enlivening the faith of the People of God. It should take into account the doctrinal statements which down the centuries the Holy Spirit has intimated to his Church. It should also help to illumine with the light of faith the new situations and problems which had not yet emerged in the past.

From now on I want to post some articles regarding the CCC. I hope what I share about the richness of the Church teaching and tradition may triggered you to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. So that your relationship with the Lord will be more intimate and lovely.

Praise the Lord