It is about the today’s reading : Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59.

It is telling about the story of St Stephen. From the meditation of Word Among Us, it said that “… one remote consequence of Stephen’s death was the conversion of St. Paul. Was Paul converted solely because he saw how Stephen had died (Acts 8:1)? No. But it was one of many extraordinary events that Paul witnessed—all of which testified to the power of the gospel and helped prepare him for his encounter with Jesus. ”

This sentences really amazed me, and inspire me so much. What happened to St Stephen had been told by Jesus Himself (Mt 10:17-22). God is really almighty, today’s passage is one of it. The great plan of God, we as His creator can’t really grasp his plan, but with faith and when we are in heaven, we will know how is our life in His plan. We have the free will, given by God’s grace to choose anything in our life.

I want to ponder and discuss about the story of St Stephen. After reading the passage and the meditation from Word Among Us. I am thinking, although it is not said in the bible, but I think there are many people who were affected by the death of St Stephen. Many of them were touched by the great faith and love of St Stephen to God. One of the example, as I quoted above, the conversion of St Paul. It is not a direct cause and effect, because God’s plan work differently from our plan or imagination.

I keep pondering, in my life, I might not have the opportunity like St Stephen to evangelize to spread the good news. But I believe that God still use me as subtle ripple on the pond that can continue to make another ripple. It might be in the form of my daily activity, the way I speak, interact with other people. Who knows, if today I can share the love of Jesus by greeting someone, or the small deeds that I do to help others. It might seems small thing to me, but it might be a big thing for others.

I may not know now how am I affecting others by sharing God’s love and the good news that Jesus is born to save the world, but I believe that God is waiting to use me to be in His plan. He is very passionate and merciful to give me the 2nd chance. His great love want to help me, to enable me to do His plan. I just need to do one thing, it is to be in His love, to be in His presence, to stay close with Him everyday. And He will reveal many things to me. He is waiting and keep waiting for me.

Because He love the world so much, that He gives His only Son. He loves me and all of you.

God Bless You all, may the peace and joy that Christ bring in His birth be with you all!