I only knew 5 things about him:

1. His name is Anthony

2. He is Not from padua (thanks to Valent, who told me that he is from Lisbon, Portugal, but died in Padua, Italy)

3. He is canonized as Saint

4. He is a franciscan friar

5. He is a patron saint of lost item, I think this is one of the reason why he is famous.

I have never prayed to ask for his intercession before, until my mother lost something important that had made her super panic and depressed. I tried to help her, I did what I can. Then I remember when Irene pray to ask his help to find many small things that she lost. So I asked her to pray for my mother so she could find the thing.

Then I search in google, “st anthony of padua prayer” then I prayed in fron of my office desktop, to ask his help for the first time, to help my mother.

Now I have six things that I know about Him. He really intercede my prayer and help my mother to find the thing. HE ROCKS! Now he is my Hero.

Thank you St Anthony, please keep interceding and praying for me from heaven.