After I change my focus to meaning, there is some changes in my life. I played soccer this Saturday. I usually play every week with my friends. But this week is a bit different. I have more love towards the game.

When the game was started, I feel the joy of kicking the ball, running to chase the ball, or pass the ball to my friends.

The wheater was also quite good, not so hot and not raining. Some how I feel good about it.

I said to my self, how good life is, I am very fortunate to have a healthy body. I said I love my body as it is. Thank you God for giving me this body.

I also said thank God for the health, appearance that I have.

I found meaning in this simple conversation, you know, it is like saying I love my self as I am.

I feel many of us like to compare with other people. Our neighbor grass always look greener!

The meaning that I discover is about self love. I think its ok to love our self. and even I think before we can love other people we need to love ourself first.

Life will be more exciting because we love ourself, we make peace and feel content about our condition. With the love that we have for ourself we can grow more!

It is strange, but it was my first time that I have this experience and insight while playing soccer.

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