Happy Easter!
Time flies very fast, lent is just like yesterday and now is Easter Sunday.

We have completed our lent observant. Thank God for this fruitful lent season.
Its not because I kept a perfect score on my fasting or abstinence,but because He taught me few lesson during lent.

Repentance. I have heard about this word so many times, but more often i forget how important it is. More often I forget how much I have transgressed against Him. More often I forget about Him as my God, and my master, only!
This lent he taught me to remember more often.

Conversion. It is a result of repentance. It is a commitment to renounce sin and turn back to Him. It is about answering a vocation. It is about becoming a Christ like person. It is about being a saint.

Prayer. I noticed that I have a desire or rather an intention of doing God’s work but most of the time i was just working for God. The difference is as far as heaven from earth. Doing God’s work is working on what He wants me to do, His will be done. Working for God is doing what I want to do for God. So its either all about God or all about me. So far I only know one way to get a clue about His will, loving relationship in prayer.

Discernment. Life is like a journey. I am from somewhere going to somewhere. These somewhere most of the time are unknown to me. I need a map to know the way, I need to ask who is The Way. He will teach me about The Truth that will set me free.

Easter is a new beginning for me. A new hope for a new life. It is also an invitation to die with Jesus of my sinful life. Life is not easy, even Jesus had a difficult death, which become a reminder to me, before my death of my sinful life, I might need to carry my cross to the Calvary. This death creates a new life.

Happy Easter my friend.

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