Last week I read my friend’s blog, and according to him, there is a basic disunity in Christianity, for example only Catholics who are allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. It makes me ponder about this question, does catholic church creates disunity in Christianity?

I am trying to answer this question from my personal point of view and a friend of mine (you know who you are) will try to answer from the teaching of Catholic Church point of view.

The first time I attended mass was during my primary school. My aunt brought me to the church. I still remember when I wanted to go with her as she stood up from the pew to receive the Eucharist, she told me ” andy you cant eat it.” Then I asked, ” Why not”. She said, “Because you are not baptized.” At that time I was just following her to church and I didn’t know about Jesus, baptism, Eucharist, anything about Christianity.

I attended a catholic primary school, and as any other good catholic school, we celebrated mass during Christmas, and Easter. So I tried again to stand up from my seat, and following my teachers and friends to eat the host. But then, my teacher didn’t allow me. She told me I need to be baptized then I can eat it. So I told her, I want to be baptized. Yes that was how I decided I want to be baptized. I was baptized when I was 11 years old. After being a catholic for 13 years, I think it was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Yes, only member of the catholic church is allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus in Eucharistic celebration. ( According to my friend’s post even there are some catholic who is not allowed to receive the Eucharist). For some people, this might feel like discrimination. It might feel that as if the catholic church is promoting disunity by limiting Jesus to a certain group of people. It is true that Jesus is for everybody. However, not everybody wants to receive Jesus, not everybody is in the state of grace to receive Jesus. I think the Church is responsible to prepare the person to be a temple for Jesus, to cleanse and purify the person from sin by the power that Jesus Himself entrusted to the Church (Matthew 16:19).

The Mass is designed by God Himself. It is a foretaste of a great feast in heaven. In fact I think Mass is one of the most unifying act of worship in Christianity. It unites people from different country, culture, races, family background, language to come together and worship God. We can always find the same Mass celebrated in any Catholic Church in the world. The Catholic Church unites christian when they can worship Jesus in the same liturgy of Mass in their own native language.

The Holy Spirit is always with the Church, and He is working through the Church to unite every christian to Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior.