I have been sick for 2 days due to gastritis. I couldn’t even sit for too long as I constantly feel headache if I do not laying down.

Fortunately this afternoon I feel much better. At least I can stand without feeling the pain in my head. Strangely I got an idea to attend daily mass at st mary of the angel church. Maybe I just want to give thanks to God or maybe I just want to meet him. I had no expectation but a simple and quick daily mass.

When I sat down and was about to pray I saw across of my seat there were many friars there. After I finished my opening prayer I looked at them one by one, I saw fr Jp, fr john wong, fr jivan, fr clifford, br derrick,br rowland,and many other friar that I dont know.

Then the mass was started, I opened the breaking bread while thinking what event is happening?
The altar servers entered the church, they are also friars. The celebrants of the mass are fr michael and fr paul, the head of custody of st Anthony ,and the provincial of Holy Spirit provice ( Ofm order for australia,malaysia,and singapore).

The mass is the ceremony of the first profession of the four new friars!

I have never attended a mass crowded by those number of religious people. They made the mass become special for me ( the mass become longer than usual :p).

I have never witness a holy profession like this before, and to share it here i took some pictures. ( I know I should turn off my mobile device while attending mass, please forgive me).

So it is a small gift from God for me to attend this special ceremony.

During the homily the priest mentioned about vocation, and he said that

What we are called by God is to Love God and to Love others