Yesterday, I attended mass at st mary of the angels church at bukit batok. While singing the entrance hymn, I was quite surprised to see one of my favorite priest coming from the church main door. It has been quite some time for me to attend mass celebrated by him. He was one of NTU CSA chaplain when I was in my undergraduate in 2003-2004. I will let you guess who he is.

The liturgy of the Word was also read by one of NTU professor, it made me feel like attending mass at NTU. When it came to homily, the priest deliver a beautiful sermon. it was well structured, systematic and elegant. He started by saying about social status of the widow in the first reading (1 Kgs 17:10-16), then he proceeded with the widow in the gospel reading (Mk 12:38-44 or 12:41-44). He compared the two widows. They are similar of their social status, at the lowest, woman with no protection from their father and their husband. The first widow was asked by a high rank man, a prophet, Elijah, to give her bread. She had a little, yet she gave him her bread. The second widow, gave a penny which was her entire wealth. Both widows gave in their poverty.

Then he used the second reading to give the frame work for both stories of the widow. Jesus gave His life for the salvation of all. To learn the attitude of both widows, to be generous.

After the homily, the mass continued to the liturgy of Eucharist, and when he said the Eucharistic prayer, I was so touched. Maybe I have not been so attentive during the masses that I attended. However, yesterday was so different, it was so beautiful. Let me share with you what I heard.

Father, all-powerful and ever-living God,

we do well always and everywhere to give You thanks.

When Your children sinned and wandered far from Your friendship,

You reunited them with Yourself through the blood of Your Son

and the power of the Holy Spirit.

You gather them into Your church,

to be one as You, Father,

are one with Your Son and the Holy Spirit.

You call them to be Your people,

to praise Your wisdom in all Your works.

You make them the body of Christ

and the dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit.

Now, with the saints and all the angels we praise You for ever:

Holy, holy, holy Lord,

God of power and might,

heaven and earth are full of your glory.

Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

It is a beautiful prayer indeed, isn’t it?

I hope I can be more attentive while attending mass so I can experience more beautiful things. Mass on earth is indeed a foretaste of the mass in heaven.