My first ever product: another mission accomplished.

In 2011, I witnessed the robot that me and the team built performed polyp removal from patients in India. It was such a milestone and big achievement in my life. At that time I knew that I wanted to make something that could reach more people, I got to move from prototyping and conceptualization to product development and introduction. Since then I have been working in HP Singapore, Business Printing Division as Writing System Engineer.

Finally, the first product that I worked on is launched!!! Officejet Pro 6800 Series. It is different from the surgical robotics application that I worked before, but my objective is to get my hand dirty in developing a product that will reach more people. It was an interesting product development process, and I am very lucky to work with some of the brilliant people.

What did I contribute in this product? its called the printer calibration. If you have ever own any inkjet printer before, it is the first page printed after you setting up your printer.

Yes it is just a single function, a single page. But within this single page, it contains lots of interesting stuff. I am very happy to work on this feature because I feel connected with every user. Because I know what I am working at is delivering value to the customer.

This is another mission accomplished for me. I hope those who buy and use this printer will like it, and find it as a good investment that will help their business.

I would like to dedicate this piece of work to Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who are great leader, visionary and engineer.

“HP exists to invent the useful and significant.”~ Bill Hewlett and David Packard


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A Mission Accomplished

I have been waiting for this time. A time when I achieved one of my dream, to use my engineering knowledge to create something that can be useful for people.

After I graduated in 2007 I chose to join a research group. In this group I have been developing a robotic system that is dedicated to help a gastroenterologist to perform complex and difficult surgery. Basically a gastroenterologist is limited to perform a therapeutic procedure as compared to a surgeon. A surgeon has two hands to do surgery, where a gastroenterologist use an endoscope. Or you also can read my previous post (Robot in the stomach). We can imagine a doctor who uses an endoscope to perform a surgery is similar when I ask you to eat using a chopstick by using your leg. It is possible just extremely difficult.

After many development of prototypes and refinement. Last week we went to Hyderabad, India to test the robotic system on human. In the past it has been tested on porcine model both death and alive. I was very excited to see the robot being used on real patient. It is one of my dream, to see this robot enter human stomach and remove a tumor or cancer.

I can freely write about this project now because there are many newspaper write about it as well. It is quite interesting to see our robot in the news paper. These are the list of online news coverage of the latest human trials  that we conducted:

I can say that having my first “baby” to be used on real patient has accomplished one of my dreams. If you are interested to find out more about the robot you can let me know. I will be very happy to write more about it. For technical stuff there are many technical papers published, I will make the list on the next post.

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Robot In The Stomach

I have been thinking to post about what I am doing at work for quite sometime, and when my team decided to put a video on youtube, I think now is the time. It is a sign! I am currently working in NTU as a research engineer. And I am working on two projects for 3 years. The first project is about this robot in the stomach which video you are going to watch, and the second project is a medical device that also in the stomach. This post is about the first project. This video was taken during our animal experiment, and sit back and enjoy: Continue reading: Robot In The Stomach

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Working Toward Holiness

I downloaded this article from the Catholic Organization For Life and Family (COLF) website. I started to be interested regarding this topic about Work since I read and reflect on the encyclical by Pope John Paul II entitled Laborem Exercens.

Read this article and tell me what it has spoken to you regarding your work.

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A way of Improving the Quality of Work

On this post I would like to reflect my reading on StrengthsFinder 2.0 , Now, Discover Your Strengths, in the light of my previous post of Laborem Exercens.


Recalling about the meaning of Work,

The meaning of work is described an activity that only man is capable of doing because of man’s very nature, created in the likeness of the Creator.

The fruit of my reading on the encyclical is that I am able to appreciate my Work now in a better way, which is the activity of partaking the divine work of the Creator. I am called by Him in a Vocation of Work.

I became more motivated in my daily work because this Fruit gives meaning to my work. It is not about what kind of job or work that I am doing, but how do I respond to His plan in my Work. The Subject of Work is Man. So work is a means for me to be the intended Human Being.

So I asked my self how do I get better in my work?

How do I improve my productivity?

Why I asked these questions? Simply because a better work, or a better fruit of work requires a better person who is doing the work. By improving the quality of my work and also the result of my work I am playing my role as a subject of Work.

Participation of the divine Work of the Creator of the Universe is reflected by the subduing of the earth through man’s work. The earth is also a result of the work of the Creator. I can’t help my self to think that the Creator is like a father who is preparing a playground for His children. By playing in this playground, they will be nurtured and become more human, in the likeness of the Father.

Strength based Work

Then I was reminded of a little book given to me on my 23th birthday, entitled StrengthsFinder 2.0. In summary what is this book trying to say is that we should invest our time in the development of our strength.

Strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance

There are many self help books saying that we can be anything we want. The truth is that

We cannot be anything we want to be- but we can be a lot more of who we already are.

Reading at this quote from the book on page 9, it resounds one of the image of God that we are created in its likeness. Unique.

The fact that there is nobody can be identically the same, even identical twin is different, trying to tell us how creative is the Creator. I will not be able to find another me in this world. I have my own role to play, with the unique combination of Talents molded and shaped by the hands of the Creator when I was in my mother’s womb. That is why I cant be somebody else, I need to be me, the unique person who God created to be.

Talents are a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving. It comes into existence naturally and it cannot be acquired, and we have unique talents within us.

The main formula for strengths in this book is

Strength = Talents x Investment

Investment is the time spend practicing, developing my Skills and building my Knowledge base.

Skills are the basic abilities to perform the fundamental steps of task, such as computer skill, fast reading skill, computational skill, music skill, etc. Skill can be acquired through formal or informal training and practice.

Knowledge is simply what we know, such as our awareness of historical dates, rules of a game, etc. It must be acquired through formal or informal education.

Lastly, this book provide a Strength test which will provide me with a comprehensive report of my 5 top dominant talents, an action planning guideline, 50 ideas for action, and interview with people of similar talents.

My top 5 talents are : Significance, Activator, Input, Command, and Belief.

I am Not trying to promote about this book ( I dont need to promote anyway since it is one of the best selling business book). What I am trying to share is about our Unique Talents, and how is this book help me to relate in a deeper meaning of Work in my real life. My current strategy now is to focus my current job into the framework of this talents theme. Finding related knowledge base and skills in order to practice and then improving the quality of my work.

Doing a better quality of Work will help me to discover of my deeper identity as children of God and to know more about His plan. Lastly, by doing this, it will help me to respond His calling and by my work I want to praise Him who has created me.

Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum

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Opus Dei and Work of Man

Recently I am very interested in the Church teaching regarding the work of man. My first reading was the Laborem Exercens which I shared on my previous post.

I just read two articles about work from the website of Opus Dei which are entitled, Working Conscientiously and “A Supernatural Motive”.

First of all, I would like to introduce about Opus Dei. Although many of us might heard about it from Dan Brown’s book the da vinci code, which is not related to the real Opus Dei at all. Opus Dei is an institution founded by St Josemaria Escriva, which main charisma is about finding God in daily life. ( which I learned from the website).

Back to the article, from the two articles, I learned about Work of Man that is Sanctifying, which echoing what Pope JPII wrote on Laborem exercens. Man is the subject of work, and through work man is called to participate in the divine work of the Creator.

Recently I just had a “good” experience about the result of work and charity in work which is also discussed in both articles. I had my presentation for my master degree that I am currently pursuing. The outcome of the presentation was quite shocking for me since I expect the a good result. I was very disappointed and also humiliated. However, based on the reflection of these two articles I learned something from this experience.

Diligence at Work

“Diligent” comes from the verb ‘diligo,’ which means to love, to appreciate, to choose something after careful consideration and attention. The diligent man does not rush into things. He does his work thoughtfully and lovingly.”(Friends of God, 81)

I realized in my work, I did not put this attitude of being diligent. I did my work simply just to fulfill the requirement, not trying to give my best. I feel that the reality check that I experienced through this presentation really teach me to give more love, effort , careful consideration and attention to the work. Not simply to finish the work as fast as possible.

Little things VS Huge Things

Holiness does not consist in doing more difficult things every day, said St. Josemaría, but in doing them every day with greater love. The secret of working better each day lies in little things—small aspects a child of God pays attention to in order to finish a job as perfectly as possible.

I am a person who like to see a big picture, I am also a more result oriented person. Therefore naturally I am looking for big results. Although this is not bad, but I become like neglecting little things. Anything worth doing is looked at its value, and because of this attitude I am not really doing the work with love. I was looking at little things as worthless things to do, therefore I dont really bother of doing it.

I hope these two lessons that I learned will be able to help me to work better and to live my vocation. I also hope this simple sharing will be inspiring for any of you, or at least maybe the articles that I shared will give some insight to you.

I pray that there will be more and more people who are working could use their work as a mean for Holiness and answering the call of the Creator.

Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum

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Choosing My Career

You are the only one who knows whether you have won or not. Don’t try to be better than someone else. Just be the best at what you can be.
-John Wooden’s Dad-

I am posting about this because one of my friend told me why I share or post about my experience and my knowledge about getting a job after graduation.

I also want to write something more secular, so that I may share to my friends who have a different religion. I want to share what I learned from the books that I read in the last one month:

Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Why We Want You to Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
First, Break all the rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
Now, Discover Your Strengths By Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton
8 Secrets of the Truly Rich By Bo Sanchez

I read my friend’s blog today on her post about her career choice. She is discerning whether she should work on something that she likes and good at but lower salary, or she should work on something that she doesn’t like and not really good at but with high salary.
My comment to her is choose the one that you are good at and you Love it and then receive a high Income.

The question is : Is that possible? My answer is YES!

Continue reading: Choosing My Career

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Working for the Lord- Day 2

The second day, I woke up at 8.00 am and then as usual I clean my body as well my soul. I was refreshed body and soul after I ended my morning prayer. Yes it looks boring but this boredom will bring to my greatness.

My second day to write on my heart these verses:

Whatever your task, put yourselves into it, as done for the Lord and not for your masters, since you know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you serve the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3 : 23-24)

By the time I arrived at my lab I checked my emails, organized my plan for today and then drink a glass of coffee…. Then….get Hustle!!! I continue my work , the design for the part of the robotic endoscopy surgery.

Today it didn’t go so smooth, but that is the main thing… the difficulties, the challenges make me to learn how to meditate upon the verse!! I learn how to pray when I am working.

Praise the Lord!!

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Working for the Lord- Day 1

Yeah I am so motivated today. I woke up a bit late, at 8.30 am because last night I slept at around 2.00 am. Normally I will be like zombie for that day because I am a person who need a sleep for about 7 – 8 hours a day.

Before I went to my office today, as usual, I pray and listen to God’s word. It sounds so boring to pray every morning but I realize without asking the strength from the Lord before I start my day, I may not be able to work at my best capacity.

When I pray, although I may not feel anything but something routine, but throughout the day or the week God will help me so that I may grow and find at least a clue to be in His plan. I totally agree and believe that God’s plan is the best for me.

God’s word for me today is from Colossians 3 : 23-24.
23 Whatever your task, put yourselves into it, as done for the Lord and not for your masters,24 since you know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you serve the Lord Christ.

This word is the centre of my attention for today.

Whenever I find something exciting in my work ,I learn to praise the Lord, to thank him for an exciting job.
Whenever I find some difficulties in my work, I learn to praise the Lord, to thank him for a wonderful lesson and experience.
Whenever I meet a difficult person, I learn to praise my Master, to thank him for teaching me to be patient and understanding.

Today my Employer taught me about these things. He wants me to do my work for Him.
Not for my salary, not for my personal achievement, nor for any other things but for Him.

I also believe that the reward He promised me is greater that anything that the world can offer me.

Today I regain my motivation, spirit and focus to work on the robotic endoscopy surgery. I can design the robot more patiently and wholeheartedly.Even now I am still excited to continue my work although I am quite tired physically.

Praise the Lord!!

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Working For God

I spend my weekend to refresh my mind,body and spirit. I enjoy my weekend and I have a wonderful moment with my girlfriend. We had a very fruitful conversation and she helped me to regain my spirit and motivation.

So.. as I said that I learned to work for the Lord, especially in my current job. I learned that working for God doesn’t necessary to be at the church or any social work or ministry.

I can work for God in my current job.

I can work to please my Master as a research staff. I can design for God, I can think for God, I can contact supplier for God. It is a previlage for me to work right now. I also can earn enough money for my living.

I am still not sure how this work will lead me to come closer to God, but I believe right now He is leading me. He want to teach me something, and I know He wants me to do something here, to learn something from my current job.

I want to start praying for my job, colleague, supervisor so that I can learn as much as I can, and I may contribute as much as possible.

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