This one is a small plant that grow at the side of the bricks wall. At first I was interested because there is this sense of resilience. Then it reminds me of this verses from Phil 4: 10-14

“Rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me; you were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity.
Not that I complain of want; for I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content.

I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound; in any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and want.
I can do all things in him who strengthens me.

Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble.”

The title for this simple picture is Strength. The small plant shows me that it receives strength from God. We may have some difficult situation in life like this small plant. It seems have no opportunity to grow, being crowded with other bigger tree and the bricks. It may experience malnutrition, but it doesn’t complain keep growing. We too I believe can be like this little plant, learn how to draw strength from God, and proclaim God’s glory.

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Finding God In Picture

Once open an URL from one of my favorite website , and there is one section called Picturing God. I was inspired to capture several image where I could relate to God, or where there is this sense of God image.

Perhaps it is true that a picture could speak a thousand words. Photo taking is good to express my creativity especially when I dont have enough skill to draw. There will be several photos that I will upload occasionally. I do hope you enjoy both my writing and photo. Indeed we can find God in all things, maybe that is why we say that He is omnipresence. Not just to believe that He is everywhere but to encounter Him and Find Him.


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2011 New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!! (Its not the chinese new year). I know its quite late now, but its better late then never. I took there is never too late for anything. New year is always been a good day for me. Near the end of the year I like to reflect back over the year what I have been doing, what are the things I have achieved as I look backed to my goal list of the year.

When new year come in I like to make a new year resolution and a new goal list. Maybe you have finished yours, but mine is still on progress. I would like to apply the marathon principle, start slow, increase slowly, and keep steady.

For those who are still working on their new year resolution, I would like to share this great video, a talk by a legend in the field of psychotherapy, dr Viktor Frankl (wiki link).
Continue reading: 2011 New Year Resolution

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5 Life Lessons From Stanchart Run 2010

Its my first running event, the standard chartered half marathon 2010. Actually I am not really passionate of running. I love team sport, like soccer. But after several encouragement from my friends, I decided to give it a try. Half marathon is challenging enough for me. Now I must admit it was a quite fun event. Despite the joy that I experienced after the finish line, many goody bags, complimentary Osim massage, and sharing with friends, I learned some lesson from this run.

There are 5 lessons about life that I learned from this event that I want to share it here: Continue reading: 5 Life Lessons From Stanchart Run 2010

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The Best Gift I Ever Survived

I just posted One of the Best Gift I’ve Ever Received and it has really helped me to see my life differently. Today I just stumble upon this great talk by Stacey Kramer. This is my first post about TED talk. Continue reading: The Best Gift I Ever Survived

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One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Had

I have received many birthday gifts. When I was still very young, my family gave me toys. When I grow a little bit older, my friends gave me many other things like photo frame, shoes, bag, underwear, books, etc2. During my last birthday, I had a day of reflection. I reflected on these gifts that I have ever received. There are several gifts that are very precious to me, and I want to share one them.

one of the best gifts I have ever had

Continue reading: One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Had

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Your Grace Is Enough

Last Saturday I attended a very powerful praise and worship at Emmaus prayer meeting. I would like to share one of the song that we sang, Your Grace is Enough which was composed by Matt Maher. I have known the song for quite some time, but only until last Saturday when I read the lyrics, it reminds me the story of Jacob wrestling with God. I think there are many songs that I just sing for granted without really reading and understanding the beautiful message and story in the song. This song is one of them. I want to share with you the beautiful lyrics that tell us about two stories; a story about Jacob and his descendant David, and also about one God who always gives us His Love and Grace. Continue reading: Your Grace Is Enough

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Start to blog again!

It has been 6 months since the last time I publish something on this blog. I would like to start blogging after being off for sometimes.
There are many updates and improvement from blogger,Thanks man. They make blogging more fun and comfortable.

I would like to blog about the meaning of life. I read books from Viktor Frankl, with his most popular book titled Man Search for Meaning. This book explain a lot to me about the thing that I have been looking for.

The purpose of life, why am I here.

The meaning of life, what is this life all about.

I also feel that I am not alone, that there are many other people especially around my age who are also searching for meaning and purpose.

I will try my best to get connected with many people as possible through this media, so that we may share and help one another.

For those who have passed this stage of life, Please! Please! help me and many other people by sharing your experience.

Just drop by a comment, or message me if you wish to share something.

Thank you for your generousity

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Christ@Work Conference

Hi all… I have not been posting for few months and today I am so inspired to write about my experience at the Christ@Work Conference today. It was held at Catholic JC from the morning to the evening around 7.00 pm.

What I want to share is the great experience regarding the spirituality of work.

Before I attended the conference, especially this last 1 month, I felt that I was lacking something in my job. I felt that there is something missing. Although I just have been working for about 4 months, but my first 3 months was a great experience for me to work. I am so excited to go to my lab and think of exciting idea on how to build the surgical robot.

I thought the thing that I missed was my passion, maybe I am at the wrong job? ( Maybe some of you have asked this to yourselves)
Or maybe I am not suitable or not good enough? Or even maybe because I am not earning enough?

I asked myself many questions alike this past one week. I couldn’t find the answer, until today I attended the conference. Today I was taught by God through the wonderful preachers in the conference that I should regard my work as a service to the Lord. What I am doing right now is part of His plan, He wants me to discover Him through my work right now. He want me to become witness and beacon of light in my lab ( it’s sound awkward though).

But!!!! I get the answer, what is the thing that I am missing this past one month. It is not about passion, or skill, or talent, or salary…. but it is about my employer… Whom am I working for?

I want to say now with conviction and faith that I am working for God!!!

Another blessing that I get today is this:

Its me with one of my favorite preacher. Bo Sanchez.
He comes from Phililpine to bring a session about spirituality at workplace. He is very busy because of the kerygma conference last weekend.

I love his preaching so much because it is so practical and factual. He is really blessed as a preacher and he has touched many people with the love of God including me.

I hope when we meet again next time we could talk more and we could share our experience. To be honest I really want him to become my mentor, but its quite difficult because of place and time constraint.

I want to spend my weekend by meditating and reflecting on the messages that I receive today, and I will start my day on monday to work for God. I am building the robot for God. I want to develop all the talents He gives me.

Praise The Lord!!!

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First Posting

Hi all,
I want to dedicate this blog to share my insight, experience and knowledge. I want to use this facility of blogging to share about Christ, how I experience Him in my life, how He revealed His plan for me.

I pray that some of my sharing will be fruitful to anyone of you. Please correct me or just send anything if you would like to discuss anything with me.

I want to learn to put down into words about my deep thinking , my meditation of the words of God.

I am inspired by my brother, who have a great blog and has helped me through his blog, I thank God for giving him to the community.

Praise The Lord!!

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