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My first ever product: another mission accomplished.

In 2011, I witnessed the robot that me and the team built performed polyp removal from patients in India. It was such a milestone and big achievement in my life. At that time I knew that I wanted to make something that could reach more people, I got to move from prototyping and conceptualization to product development and introduction. Since […]

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Chateau De Versailles

After our morning stroll at Marche aux Puces, we went to Versailles. This is a castle located outside of Paris, and we took RER-C from Musée d’Orsay to Versailles Rive-Gauche. The palace is about 5-7 minutes walking distance from the train station. More informations about this estate can be found here: I used this website to bought the ticket and plan our visit.

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Euro Trip 2013

We had this desire to go to europe for quite sometime. After long thinking and researching (read: procrastination), one fine day we stumble upon this very cheap flight with 1 stop over at dubai. The price is only about S$700, which to us is really a good deal. Alas, this is the price before tax!! I am very disappointed and […]

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Convocation 2011

July 2011 I had 2 big events happening. It is like a month of harvesting. Other than going to India to witness the first human trial using the robot that I developed, I also attended my 2nd convocation in NTU. I would like to dedicate this to Irene and my family. Who have continuously supported me, thank you.  

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A Mission Accomplished
Me at Operating Theatre

I have been waiting for this time. A time when I achieved one of my dream, to use my engineering knowledge to create something that can be useful for people. After I graduated in 2007 I chose to join a research group. In this group I have been developing a robotic system that is dedicated to help a gastroenterologist to […]

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The Soul of Prayer
Garden of light

Benedict XVI recently gave a new series of teaching on the subject of prayer. I found out his teaching articles from Oka’s blog. Prayer is one subject that I have known for some times,but still struggling to practice it as part of my life. We won’t pray unless we understand how important prayer is. Until we are really convinced that praying is […]

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A Deeper look of Palm Sunday – Scripture Perspective
palm sunday

An article as published in Tomorrow newspaper by St Mary of the Angels, bukit batok, Singapore. We are quite familiar with the Feast of Palm Sunday. We would go to get a palm leaf at the church, get it blessed and put it at our crucifix at home for one year. Maybe we are not quite familiar the history behind […]

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Sacrament of Reconcilliation – Crossing Back the Line
penitential service

Last Thursday, I went to the penitential service at st Mary of the angels. It is a communal Sacrament of Reconciliation which is usually held a week before the Holy Week. It is an invitation from the Church to all its family member to confess their sin as a preparation for Easter. The different as compared to the usual confession […]

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This one is a small plant that grow at the side of the bricks wall. At first I was interested because there is this sense of resilience. Then it reminds me of this verses from Phil 4: 10-14 “Rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me; you were indeed concerned for me, […]

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Finding God In Picture

Once open an URL from one of my favorite website , and there is one section called Picturing God. I was inspired to capture several image where I could relate to God, or where there is this sense of God image. Perhaps it is true that a picture could speak a thousand words. Photo taking is good to express […]

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