Hi welcome to my personal Blog.

at my working desk

This chapter of medical device developmental work is done, and I have moved on to industrial R&D. I am currently working in the research and development in medical device and robotics at Nanyang Technological University. I studied Mechatronics Engineering for my undergraduate studies, and Mechanical Design for medical device development for my Master studies (I am doing this in part time basis). (For more information of my research work please refer to this page)

Since 2004 I joined Catholic Student Apostolate (CSA) at NTU. That is my starting point for my faith journey. Faith has been something interesting for me, that is why one of the category for my blog is Faith. I like to share about faith because I think there are many people in my age is still discovering their faith and identity. Other than writing I also like to give a talk to share my faith experience with others.

I am currently involve in various ministries:

1. Logos Bible Study Group

This is a good bible study group that has given great impact to me. I have minimal knowledge about bible, and joining this group has really improved my knowledge especially about old testament. This knowledge help me to reflect the Word, and more importantly listen to His word. Many people find it difficult to understand the bible, with this group I learned to understand a little bit more about the Word of God written in the language of man.

2. Emmaus Prayer Group

This is a cool prayer group that I really recommend (but not limited to) to everyone staying near church of st Mary of the angel. This prayer group really take Jesus teaching seriously. This prayer group is doing their best to become the disciple of Jesus (this is the cool part). However they are just normal people (student, working young adult, young parent) who also have normal life, but striving to be extraordinary disciple.