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St Anthony of Padua, You Rocks!

I only knew 5 things about him: 1. His name is Anthony 2. He is Not from padua (thanks to Valent, who told me that he is from Lisbon, Portugal, but died in Padua, Italy) 3. He isĀ canonizedĀ as Saint 4. He is a franciscan friar 5. He is a patron saint of lost item, I think this is one of […]

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Family Does Matter

Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a prosperous year ahead! This year I do like most other people do during chinese new year, Dinner. I went back to my home town, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Yes I was born there. My family moved to Jakarta when I was in primary school. As I could remember, the last time I […]

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