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One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Had

I have received many birthday gifts. When I was still very young, my family gave me toys. When I grow a little bit older, my friends gave me many other things like photo frame, shoes, bag, underwear, books, etc2. During my last birthday, I had a day of reflection. I reflected on these gifts that I have ever received. There […]

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Your Grace Is Enough

Last Saturday I attended a very powerful praise and worship at Emmaus prayer meeting. I would like to share one of the song that we sang, Your Grace is Enough which was composed by Matt Maher. I have known the song for quite some time, but only until last Saturday when I read the lyrics, it reminds me the story […]

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Finding God in Twitter
Finding God in Twitter

For me Twitter was another social networking service. Even though it is quite useful to get connected to many people especially great people who are working on cool stuff or spreading inspiring idea such as, Mark Hart, The Emmaus , TED,  Matthew Warner, Michael Hyatt, Joel J Miller, and many others. In twitter I also can find many saints and […]

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Working Toward Holiness

I downloaded this article from the Catholic Organization For Life and Family (COLF) website. I started to be interested regarding this topic about Work since I read and reflect on the encyclical by Pope John Paul II entitled Laborem Exercens. Read this article and tell me what it has spoken to you regarding your work.

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The Root Cause of Disunity

After I post about Christian Disunity, another question pop up to me. What is the root cause of disunity? I would like to refer to the book of Genesis for insights. This book teaches us about the origin of the world, it tells us about who is the Creator, and what are the creations. That is why I find it […]

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Does Catholic Church Creates Christian Disunity?

Last week I read my friend’s blog, and according to him, there is a basic disunity in Christianity, for example only Catholics who are allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. It makes me ponder about this question, does catholic church creates disunity in Christianity?

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