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Give me a King, Like other Nations

This is a reflection from 1 Sm 8:4-7, 10-22a. This is a story when Samuel was the judge of Israel. Prior to Samuel time as a judge, Israel were defeated twice by Philistine and the Ark of the Covenant was stolen by them. Samuel led Israel to get back the Ark. However when Samuel become old, the elders of Israel […]

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A Blessing in Disguise

I have been sick for 2 days due to gastritis. I couldn’t even sit for too long as I constantly feel headache if I do not laying down. Fortunately this afternoon I feel much better. At least I can stand without feeling the pain in my head. Strangely I got an idea to attend daily mass at st mary of […]

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Christmas Recollection – Table for Two
table for two

I attended a recollection organized by the Cenacle sister for Christmas preparation. There are 3 lessons that I learned: The Fidelity of Waiting Many people understand how does it feel to wait. Some people wait with anxiety, because they don’t know when the thing they are waiting for will come. Some people wait with excitement because they are hoping something […]

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